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Dorra Sellami, M.D. interviewed by KCBS Radio

Saturday October 7, 2023, the San Mateo Police Officer’s Association hosted an event called “Pink Patch Party”. This event brought awareness and free mammogram screenings to the downtown San Mateo community.

Local radio station KCBS interviewed Dr. Dorra Sellami, CAIMA Radiologist and director of breast imaging at Sutter Mills Breast Center. She stated that early detection not only saves lives, but it also results in less aggressive treatment, less invasive surgery, and less radiation or chemotherapy.

CAIMA fully supports October Breast Cancer Awareness month and would like to thank our physicians and the San Mateo Police Officer’s Association for providing such great care for our communities.

Please get tested early and often.

What’s the Difference Between a Breast MRI and a Mammogram?

No woman looks forward to getting a mammogram. The squeezing and pushing is certainly no fun, but it is the best screening tool to detect breast cancer.  However, there are many other examinations such as a breast MRI that can be used by California Advanced Imaging Medical Associates to diagnose cases of abnormal breast tissue.

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