Dr. Nazia Jafri Receives First Annual Dr. Chris Kagay Physician Excellence Award

In honor of Dr. Chris Kagay’s passing, CPMC Medical Staff wanted to celebrate and recognize a physician each year who demonstrates the same qualities of Leadership; Ethics; Clinical Excellence; Supportiveness/Collaboration; and Kindness the Dr. Kagay had.

Dr. Nazia Jafri, successor to Dr. Kagay as the CPMC Radiology Department Chair has been selected by the Medical Staff Office to receive this inaugural award; there were 14 nominees.

Here is the statement from the individual who nominated Dr. Jafri”

Leadership: It is with immense pleasure and conviction that I write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Nazia Jafri, whom I wholeheartedly endorse for the Dr. Chris Kagay Excellence Award. Stepping into the role of Radiology Department Chair during a tumultuous time for our Radiology Department members, Dr. Jafri exhibited exemplary leadership. We had recently lost our dear leader and friend, Chris, leaving our team in emotional and administrative disarray. Undeterred, Dr. Jafri volunteered to assume this daunting role, managing the transition with both tact and grace. Her leadership has been a beacon of stability and vision, reminiscent of Chris himself.

Ethics: Dr. Jafri has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the ethical standards of our profession. Her integrity serves as a model for others to emulate, effectively integrating moral principles into our clinical and administrative work.

Clinical Excellence: Dr. Jafri’s diagnostic skills are second to none, but it’s her clinical acumen that truly sets her apart. She is never complacent, always striving for excellence and encouraging her team to do the same.

Supportiveness/Collaboration: One of her most commendable attributes is ger collaborative spirit. Dr. Jafri actively fosters an environment where every voice is heard, and every opinion valued. This open culture has translated into superior patient care and an ever-improving department.

Kindness: Last but certainly not least, Dr. Jafri is genuinely kind-hearted. Her compassion extends not only to her patients but also to her staff, creating a work atmosphere where kindness is valued as highly as competence. I can think of no better candidate to receive an award named in honor of Dr. Chris Kagay than Dr. Nazia Jafri. Her work has been a testament to the very virtues this award seeks to celebrate: leadership, ethics, clinical excellence, collaboration, and kindness. I have no doubt the Chris would be proud of the exemplary work she has done, just as I am.


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